A graphic for the Virtual Launch event of The Secrets of Star Whales, a middle grade book by Rebecca Thorne.

Join us for an awesome launch event with the Phoenix bookstore, Changing Hands! The lovely Tara Gilboy (author of Unwritten and Rewritten) will be moderating, and the event is FREE!


The wild Rebecca Thorne can be found in her natural habitat: the local coffee shop. She is rarely more than an arms-length from her laptop and her “Becky’s” coffee mug. When not in pursuit of caffeine, she prefers to relax with her dog, ensconced in her butt-cloud beanbag sofa. She might have been the flight attendant cracking puns on your last flight… or she might have been road-tripping through northern Arizona while you traveled the country.

Rebecca has been writing since she was 11 years old, and never cared to leave her young protagonists. Though she prefers fantasy and science fiction, she’s dabbled in every genre under the Middle Grade and Young Adult umbrellas. She also loves hearing from aspiring writers, so drop her a line on Twitter or over email!

Rebecca is represented by Kaitlyn Johnson, an agent at Belcastro Agency