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A Positive Outlook

So, it occurred to me that I haven’t done a whole post dedicated to inspiring writers.  Which is weird, since writing is 10% typing, 90% mental.

Or is that baseball…?

Meh.  I think it’s life.  Because seriously, it’s all about your perspective.  If you expect to get a book deal from your very first novel ever completed, odds are you’ll wind up disappointed.  But if you just expected to finish a novel, WOW!  You’ve done it!

And doesn’t that feel great?  Working hard for something and knowing you achieved it… that’s how you go through life.


Everyone says they want to write a book.  The difference between them and you is that you’re doing it.  But here are a few ways to kickstart your success.

  • Set goals.
    1. That means long AND short term.  And make sure they’re achievable, or you’ll just be sad.
    2. EX:  My long term goal is to be published before I’m 30.  I’m 24 now, so that gives me a bit of time!  My short-term goal (after DFWCON, of course) is to finish a new book before August.  Never stop producing content you’re excited about!
  • Put yourself in a positive environment.
    1. If you know you don’t write well at your house, get out!  Call some friends, meet at a coffee shop.  Maybe you’ll be more productive there.
    2. EX:  As Beta Krissy and Annette (my last guest blogger) know, I don’t even care if they write.  I’ll call them to join me, and they’ll read or watch TV, but they’re around if I have writing questions.  (“How much Jello fits in a VW bug?”)
    3. Likewise, if being outside is intimidating or distracting, create a writing space inside your home!  That’s how my sister Paige writes.
  • Dedicate time.
    1. You can’t be a writer without writing.  I know, weird, write?  (Haha.  Write.  See what I did there?)
    2. EX:  Before I’m allowed to watch TV, I have to get a certain number of words.  But your reward can be anything.  Maybe 500 words allows you to read a few pages of that new book.  Or maybe it just means you can sit outside with a glass of wine!  Rewards are important… and wine is important.
  • Don’t give up!!
    1. See below.


Looking for more inspirational articles?  Check out everything by this guy.  He’s fantastic, and brutally honest about the way the world works.  Literally, my favorite article by him is called, “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person.”

When you’re done reading his stuff, watch this movie clip with Alec Baldwin.  It’s about sales, but we’re selling our stories every day.  So substitute “closers” for “writers.”  It may be 7 minutes long, but I guarantee it’s the best 7 minutes you’ll spend today.

A college professor played this in one of his lectures.  He said that when you’re confronted with something like this in real life, you become one of two people.

Either you submit to the critique and believe you can’t.

Or you see a challenge, and push yourself to become the best.

I know I’ll be published one day.  It’s not arrogance.  It’s determination.  It may not happen before I’m 30, or 40.  But I believe if you put 110% towards your passion, you can’t fail.

So get out there and push yourself.


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