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Allowing the Dreaded “Break”

See? Other hobbies! Not writing!! Man, that was a tough night. 😛

Eww. Breaks, amiright?

Okay, maybe that’s not your mentality with normal activities. Work and chores and even social events–it’s kind of nice to get a break from those.

But creatively? Well. Creative people aren’t supposed to take breaks. We’re supposed to be brainstorming 24/7. Even when we’re not writing, we’re thinking about writing. And if we’re not, we’re being lazy… or worse, falling behind.

But here’s the thing, guys. It’s OKAY to take a break from writing.

I know that sounds like a cop out, but writing is like anything else in life. You can’t give 110% forever. I know I’ve advocated that in the past, but it’s just not feasible to write at a frantic pace for years.

Eventually, you’ll hit a mental block.

And then you’ll bounce between dozens of ideas, paralyzed by indecision.

And then you’ll stop creating all together, but you’ll feel frustrated for weeks or months because you should be writing, but you’re not.

Beta Krissy, my high school beta and best friend, pinned it at last night’s Happiness Crusaders meeting. Our lives basically go like this:

  • Set up a To Do list. Start at the top.
  • Except #1 takes a long time and a lot of mental energy, so maybe we procrastinate on that.
  • But #2 and #3 and #4 aren’t as important as #1. So if I’m going to spend my time doing anything, it’ll be #1.
  • But #1 will take a lot of time and mental energy……….
  • Screw it, I’m watching mindless youtube videos instead.

Sound familiar? 😛

For most writers, #1 is finishing your WIP. But maybe #2 is playing a video game, and #3 is reading a book. But because you’re not working on your WIP, you haven’t earned that game or reading time.

… Right?

Makes sense, but it’s so, so wrong. Here’s the thing, folks. It’s OKAY to put writing aside for a while. It’s OKAY to bump it down to #5 on your priority list. Maybe even lower. Focus on your other hobbies. Your family. Your job.

Writing will always be there, and this isn’t a rat race. Depriving yourself of the other fun things in life WILL NOT get you published faster. It just guarantees a faster burnout.

So do me a favor! Take a break and enjoy your other hobbies. Because if you’re really a writer, those words will always be waiting! 😀

Writing is like Sammy, waiting patiently for me to throw his toy. He’ll always be there. ALWAYS. THERE.

Have you ever taken a break from writing? Do you think you need one now? Let me know in the comments below!! 😀

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