Back from Hiatus

Hi, everyone! Been a while, huh?

Anywho, since I’m 4 months out from the release of my debut novel (can you hear me screaming in excitement?), I figured I’d revive this blog! Posts will be infrequent, but I’ll do my best. 😀

Let’s talk covers! I’m getting a lot of awesome feedback on my cover– understandably, it’s absolutely gorgeous!! I was incredibly lucky to have a huge part in the cover creation process. It went a little something like this.

First, I sent my publisher a Pinterest board of my favorite middle grade covers. I aimed for ones that were hand-drawn, with bold colors and an adventurous-looking main character.

I also added a couple mood boards for THE SECRETS OF STAR WHALES into the mix, so the artist would have a vibe to work with!

While they chose a cover artist, Jolly Fish Press also contracted a cover designer to create the basic appearance in rough sketches. This helped ensure we’d all understand the appearance of the final product, and give the artist guidelines to work with!

The cover designer, Sarah Taplin, created these three options:

From there, my agent, editor, and I deliberated over the most aesthetically pleasing option. It was a tough choice, but we liked #2 best! I advocated to have both Max, the main character, and his best friend / partner-in-crime India to appear on the cover, so I was really excited the publisher agreed with me!

Next, they handed the tentative design off to the cover artist, Rebecca Willoway. Jolly Fish knocked it out of the park with her–her artistic style is my exact preference, and her use of dynamic colors against darker backdrops is absolutely perfect for STAR WHALES.

You can check out Rebecca Willoways art here!

Ms. Willoway got to work, and submitted a few in-progress versions of the cover! Rather than making executive decisions, the publisher involved me at every stage, offering their perspectives on the developing art and asking my opinions too. That’s pretty rare, from what I’ve heard in the book world, and I’m eternally grateful for their approach!! <3

The cover developed through a few stages before arriving at the final version.

Finally, we arrived at the final product! All that was left was the typography, which was done in-house by incredible Jolly Fish Press staff. I wasn’t sure how they were going to put the title (which is pretty long) over such an amazing image, but I never IMAGINED how gorgeous it would look when they were done!

The entire process took about 3 months, start to finish, and I can’t thank the people involved enough. Covers really make a book, especially with debut authors like me, and I really feel people will pick this book up just because they want it displayed in their bookshelves!!

HUGE thank you to the Jolly Fish Press staff, as well as my incredible cover designer and cover artist!!

More posts to come, but… slowly. Because I’m terrible at this and I have writing to do. >.>

Rebecca Thorne is a YA writer and overall nerd! She loves everything from video games to photography to the great outdoors. Also dragons. Rebecca loooooves dragons. That's mostly it. Thanks for stopping by!

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