Tomes & Tea Cozy Fantasies

SOLD! To Bramble (Tor US) and Tor UK, for re-publication 5.7.2023.

Ebooks available now!

Paperback re-releasing on 5.7.2023

Book 1 in the Tomes & Tea Series
Book 2 in the Tomes & Tea Series

Cover Art by Irene Huang

Join our favorite lesbian couple as they pursue a life of quiet luxuries in an exciting fantasy world.

Considered “cozy fantasy,” these books focus on comforting vibes and low-trigger adventures. They’re best enjoyed with a cup of tea, and are guaranteed to leave you with a Happily Ever After.

Take a break. You’ve earned it.

FAQ – Tomes & Tea Re-Release

    Unfortunately, the paperbacks have been pulled from distribution to prepare for a big bonanza re-release! The first book, CAN’T SPELL TREASON WITHOUT TEA, will be released again on MAY 7, 2024. Please mark your calendars–support on launch week is greatly appreciated, and can set an author’s career up for success!

    A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR TEA’s paperback doesn’t have a re-release date, but I’m expecting it’ll happen in Fall 2024, with the two unnamed sequels following in about the same timeline. 🙂

    In the USA, yes! I can confirm that the covers are staying the same. The only difference is that they’ve adjusted the lighting to be more vibrant. This change is already reflected on the Amazon listings!

    The UK, however, will be getting different covers. This is similar to the Legends & Lattes release, and was decided because UK audiences respond better to graphic covers, not illustrated ones.

    Both territories will release their books on the same day, May 7th, 2024, in a coordinated launch!

    Correct! Kianthe and Reyna’s story will be a QUARTET, which means 4 books total. Luckily, Tor bought all four, which means plenty of new releases for you lovely readers!

    (I’m obsessed with Tamora Pierce’s quartets. So excited I get to contribute my own to the world!)

    Since I self-published the first two novels in 2022 and early 2023, we can expect those first, in a formal re-release. (May 7th, 2024 for CAN’T SPELL TREASON WITHOUT TEA, and probably Fall 2024 for A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR TEA.) The two unnamed sequels, Books 3 and 4, will follow on after that.

    While I can’t share details, I can confirm that Book 3 is finished, and will focus on a very big wedding. 😉

    The audiobook production is underway, and I deeply apologize for the delay on my end. When I originally proposed April 2023 as its release, I didn’t expect this publishing deal to shake up my timelines.

    Jessica Threet will be the narrator, and she’ll be working closely with Tor to create an incredible audiobook for you all! Jessica’s audition stood out among 52 others, and I’m so excited the publisher agreed that she’ll be our audio champion!

    The audiobook’s release is expected to coincide with the paperback re-release, which is scheduled for May 7th, 2024.

    Not at this time! I’ll be doing ARC giveaways closer to December, and there are still thousands of paperback copies of the indie print run.

    However, no new copies will be printed until the re-release, and then Macmillan will be handling distribution. In a year, you should be able to find this series in every major bookstore! (And hopefully several indie ones as well. 😀 )

    You can always check on Ebay for used copies. If you find a Copy copy, hold onto that sucker. They’re really rare. LOL.

    Character Art

    Art by Anna