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DFW Writing Conference (and bonus: "The Emotion Thesaurus")

That’s right!  This girl!
Forgive the all caps.  But I’ve been reading about writing conferences for years, in tons and tons of books.  And the whole time, I thought, “That’s cool, but I’ll never have the chance to go.”
And this year, THIS YEAR, I said, “Why not?”
So after a very enthusiastic response, I paid the fees and found a roommate, and it’s official!
This was going to be an informative blog post about DFWCon, but as it turns out, I know next to nothing about this event.  Aside from their website, their Twitter page, and their facebook page, of course.
But I am very excited, and will be posting about this event in detail on April 25th.
(And if you’re attending the conference, you should totally tell me in the comment section, because I’d love to grab a drink with you while we’re there! <3 )
Still, point is I don’t know enough to waste your time.  Instead, I’ll divert the conversation to this book!


Fancy.  But seriously, it is fancy.  Because inside is a wealth of emotions… and more importantly, the physical and mental attributes that are apparent when feeling said emotion.
So now instead of writing:
“Oh, come on!” she said angrily.
You can write:
“Oh, come on!”  She cracked her knuckles and planted her feet shoulder-width apart, glaring.
Lookie.  It’s showing instead of telling.  And thanks to this book, it was as easy as finding the section on “anger” (pages 22 & 23) and scanning the list until I found a physical response that piqued my curiosity.

Haha.  Get it?

Seriously, though, this book is really awesome.  And it’s only like, $13.  I highly recommend buying it.
But trust me when I say you’ll want it in paperback!
(Comment about DFWCon.  Especially if you’re going.  Don’t forget!! 😀 )

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