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Finding Fun Ways to Exercise

Exercising bores me. It’s not that I hate it. I just can’t ever find the motivation to, you know, do it. I want to be healthy, but I also don’t want to interrupt my life just to run on a treadmill.

Anyone else like that? Don’t worry, this is a No Judgement website. 😉 You can admit it.

Of course, not exercising is a guarantee for an unhappy, unhealthy life. So how do people who hate exercising find the energy and motivation to work out?

Here’s my tips:

  • Find an activity that works for YOU. 
    • I won’t go to the gym. Running on a treadmill is the worst, and while I enjoy lifting weights, I never realistically find the motivation to visit more than once or twice a year. However, I just discovered rock climbing. A friend climbs at a gym between our houses, and she invited me to try it. And guys, it’s REALLY fun. Suddenly, I’m looking forward to our next climbing session, and I’ll be taking it outdoors sometime soon!
    • Point is, think creatively! If the gym doesn’t work, maybe kayaking will. Or skiing. Or scuba diving. There are LOTS of activities to raise your heart rate that feel like a fun adventure, rather than a mandatory assignment.
  •  Exercise with a friend or two.
    • Accountability partners, am I right? But seriously, I’m excited to go rock climbing every week because I almost always go with my sister’s best friend, Kim. She lives pretty far away, but the rock climbing gym is right between our houses. Otherwise, I’d probably only see her once a month!
    • Including a friend in your workouts makes it more like a socializing, less like work. So start asking your friends what THEY do to stay active!!
  • Coordinate with your sleep schedule. 
    • For some reason, everyone I know exercises in the morning. But I have chronic insomnia, and I work WEIRD hours as a flight attendant. Most days, I’m literally serving drinks until 1am. So getting up at 7am for a workout is the LAST thing I want to do. EVER. (As you can tell, I’m very passionate about how AWFUL mornings are for me. 😛 )
    • Luckily, the rock climbing gym doesn’t even open until 10am. Kim can’t usually go until 7pm or later. This works beautifully for my schedule, and means I don’t have to leap out of bed, stressed and annoyed. It’s OKAY if you want to work out at night instead. Whatever floats your boat!
  • Do as your characters do!!
    • I mean, who doesn’t want to be like their kickass characters? That’s actually what got me interested in rock climbing inititally: my amputee / dragon fighter, Kyra. Rock climbing is her special skill, and it saves her butt more than once. When I get on the wall, I feel as badass as her. 😉
    • Maybe your character is a martial arts expert. Maybe they scuba dive to underwater caves full of treasure. Maybe they’re the best swordsman in a hundred years. Either way, wouldn’t it be cool if you could practice those skills too? You might love them! And even if you don’t, just count it as “research” and move on. 😛

So those are my tips to find a workout regime you can stick with!! Hopefully everyone has the chance to get active this summer. 😀

What are your favorite exercise activities? Anything amazing your characters do that you’d love to try? Let me know in the comments below!!

Rebecca Thorne is a YA writer and overall nerd! She loves everything from video games to photography to the great outdoors. Also dragons. Rebecca loooooves dragons. That's mostly it. Thanks for stopping by!

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