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Happiness Crusaders Update #2

IMG_5842.PNGHey, folks!! Been a while. I’d apologize for that, but it seems par for the course with me lately. 😛

So, let’s talk Happiness Crusaders!! For those who missed it, in March, I created a new social group with my friends. Basically, it works like a weekly church group, minus the religious aspect. Our meetings have four parts: the good of last week, the bad of last week, Happiness Tactics, and goal setting for next week. 😀 You can read all about the founding moments here!

So, two months later. How’s it been going?

Shockingly well, actually. O.o


The first few meetings felt a little hokey, not going to lie. Like, here I am, pretending to know something about happiness. Guiding meetings like I’m some kind of manager in an office. Imposter Syndrome was strong with this one.

And then something shifted. I began offering outs, where we could just hang out as friends rather than enduring the structure of an official Happiness Crusaders meeting. And everyone declined.

Turns out, they genuinely like that structure. I’m not sure if it’s the safe, non-judgmental space, the weekly guarantee of a meeting, or just a chance to interact with people they don’t normally see, but my friends are all playing ball. And they’re having fun doing it.

That was a really big revelation for me. It’s one thing to get an idea of something that might help people. It’s another thing entirely to see it working. The goal-setting, in particular, is very popular. But there’s something about being able to rant about bad things, gush about good things, that brings people closer together!



The one piece of feedback I received was switching the order of events. Used to be, we’d start on a low note and end high. But my friend suggested the sandwich method, where we squish the bad stuff in the middle of the good. It’s been excellent, and I’m super happy she mentioned it. 😀

If there’s one thing I can recommend for others, it’s to let your Crusaders know they’re free to schedule meetings too. The whole system falls apart if it’s just you coordinating everything, because then if you can’t make it one week, everyone loses. Designate a few people to take over in your absence. Last week, I begged a couple friends to help me, and one really stepped up. It removed a lot of pressure to make myself available, despite a crazy work schedule. Happiness is the goal, but it’s hard to achieve that if you’re constantly stressed about planning these events.

What I’ve learned so far is that you don’t have to be a happiness expert, or a psychologist, or a manager. You just need a few awesome, willing friends. Because if we’re lucky enough to have them, life must be pretty fantastic already. 😀

Happiness Crusaders brunch!

Have you thought about starting your own Happiness Crusaders meet up? What challenges do you foresee in becoming a Crusader, and getting your friends to join? Let me know in the comments below!

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