• lydiaewinters

    Enjoy your break! I quit Instagram for awhile because I’d gotten addicted to looking at accounts that were messing with my head. It helped break the habit of looking at accounts I didn’t even like that were full of negativity.

    • Rebecca Thorne

      On Instagram?? Yikes! The only people I follow there are bookstagramers… but it’ll still be one of the fatalities of this blackout. 😛 I took a facebook break last year around this time, and it helped tremendously! But it got me more engaged in Twitter, which at the time helped me learn more about finding an agent. But now… it’s just harmful. I’m excited for the break. 🙂

  • getoutoftherecliner

    I think you’re doing the right thing. I have complicated feelings about this for myself. I don’t watch tv news for exactly the reason you describe, and I’ve made other changes for my own peace of mind since the 2016 election season. I don’t do much with Twitter and don’t even have an Instagram account. Facebook, though…it’s my main connection to some people. I’ve cut back on the time I spend – I scroll past a lot of stuff – but it’s still true that I get sucked into reading articles that take time I should be using for other things. A lot of those things are writing related, like the article about Phillip Pullman’s top tips for writers I saw yesterday. I think what I’ll do instead is set a time limit and use a timer, and maybe see if I can figure out how to get Siri to stop suggesting it so it won’t be quite as convenient. Not sure I want to go as far as deleting it from my phone. Hmm… Once again, you’ve given me something to think about. Thanks!

    • Rebecca Thorne

      That’s a good plan for you!! All the people I care about on facebook, I have their cell numbers. So I don’t feel like I’ll be missing much at all by leaving… and when I left facebook for a few months last year, it was the easiest transition ever. The people I didn’t check in with regularly just… faded away. And that’s ok–if I truly cared to keep in touch, I would have. 😛 Let me know how setting the alarm goes!!

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