Take A Break

Let’s Take A Break (2)

I’m baaaack!

Whew.  I tell you what.  Vacationing in the Caribbean is hard work.

Haha.  I’m just kidding.  It was fabulous, thanks for asking!  Instead of doing cruise-like things like relaxing and stuff, I managed to type 25,000 words.  Coupled with the work I’ve been doing lately, and I think Operation Overload might be finished within the week! 😀

operation overload word count
My goal is 70,000.  The end is in sight!

But this is a break session, so let’s put writing on the backburner for now.  Instead, allow me to introduce my dogs.

(Animal haters, turn back now.  Actually, get off my blog entirely.  What’s wrong with you?)

For everyone else, be prepared to go, “Awww…..!”


Left is him as a puppy.  Right is him as a slightly-less-puppy-ish puppy.

Meet Samoa!  So if I ever mention Sammy, Samosa, Spamandy, or His Royal Fluffiness, this is who I’m talking about.  He’s my baby, the first dog I ever bought and owned all by myself.

Guys.  The ears.


Sammy is a dog’s dog.  He spent all summer playing with Tagalong, my parents’ dog (who 1001115_10153719769233183_807360721625576893_nwas technically mine, until my mom stole him). When Paige and I moved into our new house, we’d bring Tags over to play.  That was all nice and good for a while, but Tags doesn’t do well with environmental changes.  We kept waiting for him to get over it, but he didn’t.

So we were forced to acknowledge that Tagalong may never move in with Samoa.  But in the mean time, Sammy was getting more and more depressed being the only dog in our new house.  He’d spend hours in my bedroom, alone, while we hung out downstairs.  Very unlike my social little puppy!

So, we did what any normal dog-lover would.

We got another puppy.


Her name is Scout, because we already had Tagalong and Samoa, so obviously there was a theme.  She’s remarkably well-behaved, for a puppy, but yeesh, is she tall!  We call Sammy “Ears,” but we call her “Legs.”

Lucky for us, it worked out well!  Sammy rebounded, and Scout found a new home.  We still bring Tags over on occasion to play.  But I have to admit, even for someone obsessed with dogs, this is a lot.  Counting Kaylee (our oldest and best) that makes 4 dogs in 2 households.  And as flight attendants, Paige and I are gone a lot.

Thank god for our parents.  Seriously.

But look at how much fun they have together.  They’re our little family.  Considering neither Paige or I are currently having luck on the dating front, it’s nice to have someone to cuddle with when we’re home!

Best part is?  They don’t shed.  Not one bit.

(Well, except Tagalong, who’s apparently 1/4 chihuahua.  We about died laughing.)

Seriously.  Chihuahua.

What about you?  Do you have dogs (or pets in general??)  I’d love to see pictures in the comments below!

I’m going to make such a good mother.

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