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On Location: Portland, Maine

Okay, I admit.  Growing up in Phoenix, I didn’t actually know there was a Portland in Maine until I was 23.  I just always assumed the one in Oregon was the end-all, be-all Portland.
Then I found the TV show Haven, which has hot guys and excellent acting and a supernatural twist, and is based in the fictional town of Haven, Maine.  And they kept talking about how they were a short drive from Portland, and “2 hours from Boston.”
As a flight attendant, I knew that there was no way to get to Portland from Boston in two hours.  (I’m so smart.)  So you can understand my confusion.
(… This is a no judging zone, okay?  Leave me alone.)
Anyway, shortly afterwards I realized that my airline actually has overnights in Portland, Maine.  And since I wanted to meet a gorgeous cop living in some quaint coastal town (and if it’s him, well, who am I to complain?), I snagged one!
Alas, I didn’t meet my man.
But I was swept away.  Portland only has about 66,000 people–which again, coming from Phoenix (the 6th largest city in the USA), seems ridiculously tiny.  The sidewalks are cobblestone and brick.  The coast is visible from just about anywhere.  And the locals themselves are awesome and friendly.
In short, it’s the perfect town to base a book.  And I know I’m not an agent or editor, but this is totally on my #MSWL.
So, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy several pictures of my overnights (I’ve had 2, and they’ve both been amazing… partly for the view, but mostly for the food).  Feel free to download these and use them as inspiration for your next novel! <3

As you can see, it’s scenic and gorgeous and the perfect setting for, I don’t know… a murder?  A pair of scheming witches?  A shipwrecked captain?  Go crazy!!
Also, look at this photo.  This is George Cleeves, the founder of Portland, Maine.
He’s also our 12th great-grandfather, which my sister, Paige, told me months after my first visit.  So we’re basically Portland royalty… ish.
Hey.  The Portland natives on my plane were impressed.

To answer your question, yes, my scarf does have a passage of Pride and Prejudice printed on it.

Oh yeah.  Take that, other famous people.  Booyah.


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