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Oneshot: Vegas Wedding

I totally forgot it was Monday, and since I didn’t have time to work on a real blog update, here, have a oneshot.  This one is about two side characters in my Las Vegas magicians story.  Enjoy!

Poster of their Vegas show courtesy of Beta Krissy! <3


They’re a truly lovely couple.  Surprising, really, since the priest doesn’t see many of those in Vegas, especially not around midnight.  The man’s name is Henry Ballard, and the woman Jennifer Wagner, and he calls her Jen and she calls him Hen, and it’s all very…


Just lovely, the priest thinks, watching the couple.  He literally manages, “Do you—” before Jennifer kisses Henry.  The younger man wraps his arms around her and dips her to the ground and somehow manages to keep them both upright.   The priest clears his throat.  They straighten.

“Do you—” he says again.

“Wait, wait,” Henry says.  His eyes are bright and his smile is wide and he looks at Jennifer like she’s water in a desert.  Or vodka in Vegas.  “Jen, we were supposed to say ‘I do’ before the kiss.”

“Oh,” she replies, giggling.  “Well, that was your fault, Hen.  You encouraged me with those lips and those abs and that huge—”

“Ahem,” the priest says loudly.  He sees the direction that conversation was headed.  “We have other couples waiting.  Can we proceed?”

Henry cranes his neck, “I don’t see anyone else.”

“Ooh,” Jennifer exclaims, tossing her arms around his shoulders.  She nearly topples over, but Henry holds her upright.  “Maybe it’s my baby brother.  I do want him at our wedding, you know.  He hates you.”

“Why would he hate me?”  Henry says, frowning.  He’s swaying too, like they’re slow-dancing to silent music.  “If anything, I should hate him.”

“Why?” Jennifer asks.  Her grin is wide.

The priest massages his temples and puts his bible down.  This might take a while.  He steps off the podium for a glass of water and thinks that maybe, just maybe, he shouldn’t have left Georgia.  They had respectable weddings in Georgia.

Henry thinks hard for a moment.  “His hair.  You know he won Claire over that first night just because of his hair?  We heard all about it the next day.”

“You know, I made him get that haircut.  You’re welcome.”

“Why are we talking about your brother on our wedding night?” he asks, pulling her flush against him.  She laughs delightedly.  He bends down to kiss her, presses his forehead against hers.  “I want to talk about us.”

“About us, or about what you’re going to do to me when—”

Ahem,” the priest says.  He sets his empty glass on the podium and picks up his bible and stares pointedly at them.  They stare back, blankly, like they’ve already forgotten why they’re here.  Finally, the priest sighs.  “The vows?”

“I do,” Jennifer says, nodding resolutely.

“Me too,” Henry replies.  “Can we pick up our certificate at the door?”

The priest stares.  He flips through the bible.  Studies the text.  Glances back at the waiting couple.  Sighs.  “Yes, I suppose.  I now pronounce you man and wife.”

“Awesome,” Jennifer says, and she loops her arm through Henry’s and leads him down the aisle.  “Let’s get McDonalds.  I’m hungry.”

“Sure.  Our first date,” he replies with a grin.  “I’m buying.”

They’re out the door before the priest even has time to mutter a prayer for them.


I tend to write short stories to get in the minds of my characters.  How about you?  Do you prefer this approach, or another method?  Let me know! 🙂

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