Online Courses

Rebecca Thorne is thrilled to offer online courses about publishing and the writing process! Currently, she offers two courses (one in traditional publication, and one about the novel writing process), but has plans to expand into a few other topics in the future.

Please note, ALL courses are facilitated asynchronously through Discord. If you purchase a course, it is your responsibility to sign up for Discord and join the classroom server. Rebecca Thorne will email server invites 7 days before class begins.

This course will be adapted to a college setting, so please set your expectations accordingly. Each class will require weekly engagement, the ability to complete assignments on time, and a strong desire to learn. Rebecca is a hands-on educator, but she can’t force your commitment to the course. By purchasing a class, you understand that it’s your responsibility to engage in the Discord server and class content.

Course registration is open!

Course registration for SEPTEMBER is live.

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing a course, you acknowledge that Rebecca Thorne cannot guarantee your future publication, and there is no promise of literary representation. Instead, Rebecca’s intent is to inform and educate. Publishing is a difficult industry, and only perseverance–and a bit of luck–will see your book on shelves.

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