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Operation Overload

So, I mentioned last week that I’m working on a new book!  This is exciting for two reasons:

  1. It gives me something to focus on other than getting Occupational Hazards published.
  2. See above.

Okay, so really it’s just one reason.  But seriously, Occupational Hazards was my baby for two years.  Two whole years when I refused to let myself work on anything else, because I had a problem pushing myself to finish a halfway decent novel.  (Mostly, I had an issue with rewriting, which I’m now unfortunately VERY familiar with.)
So I finished a halfway decent novel.  And now the market is saturated with urban fantasy, and no one’s interested in one more.
(Although “magical realism” seems remarkably enticing to agents.  If someone can tell me the difference between them, that’d be amazing, because they seem like the exact same thing to me. O.o )

Magical Realism
It’s a sub-genre…?

Anyway, that’s the first rule of publishing: the market is fickle.  My prized novel was at the end of a trend, which doesn’t bode well for your resident writer.
Still, it’s okay.  Because if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s writing!  And luckily for me, my urge to create doesn’t disappear when one novel is completed.  I just needed a new idea.
Oh, and an outline, because man, rewriting a novel four times sucks.
Exterminators Folder
You know it’s painful when you literally title a document “This was a bad idea.”

After the most apathetic National Novel Writing Month ever (never, ever finish a novel one week before NaNo.  You’re setting yourself up for failure), I took a break and worked on outlining a 3 part sci-fi series about portals.
Not that kind.

It was cool, but didn’t really keep my interest.  So I kept plowing along, and finally discovered my old Operation Overload story, which is about four kids who take over the world.  (Holy crap, this thing is old.  Like, I started plotting this with Beta Krissy and Paige back in 2007.  Yeesh.)
My super awesome text-pasted-over-google-photo book cover.  Oh yeah.  I got mad skillz.

Obviously it needed revamping.  But I managed it, and now the story is less about their conquest to conquer the world, and more about the kids’ relationships along the way.  And for once, it’s a friendship story.  Which means that, for once, there
You don’t know me, but Beta Krissy will tell you, that’s insane.
Which is kind of why I’m excited to try it.
Oh, and did I mention my goal is to finish Operation Overload by the end of March 2016?  That’s because I’m officially attending the DFWCon Writing Conference in April.  (More on that this Thursday!)
You can read more about Operation Overload in my Porfolio page.  That’s also where you can track my word count–updated daily–and Occupational Hazards (nonexistent) publishing progress.
Are you a plotter or a pantser?  Have you ever written a book in a month?  Tell me in the comments below!

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