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Origins of Novelarnia

You like the name of my blog?
Why, thank you.  I thought of it myself.
But seriously, what in the world is Novelarnia?  And most importantly, how can it benefit you?
Novelarnia was one of my many, many abandoned projects.  The plot centered around a boy named David who, when faced with the looming deadline of an English assignment, is sucked into the writing world of Novelarnia to learn about clichés.  He was led around the twenty basic plotlines, as proposed in the reference book 20 Master Plots.
(See the book here.)
At The End (haha.  The End.  Get it?), David would have encountered everything from overdone prophecies to Mary Sues, each crafted into the “master plots.”  It was fun and stupid and supposed to be flat-out crack.
I got bored with it after Chapter 1, which you can read here.
Point of this story is, Novelarnia was an abandoned idea that’s been given a second chance.  Now it’s the center of my writing platform.  And that’s awesome, because it made coming up with a title and theme a lot easier.
So if you’re stuck or struggling with writer’s block, why not check out some of your old stories?  Your old stuff might not be as terrible as you think!

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