Let’s Get Traditionally Published – Online Course


An online course that reviews the process of becoming traditionally published. Emphasis on practical knowledge of traditional publication timelines and processes, with an end goal of preparing students for querying.

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This course is 4 weeks, fully online, and asynchronous. It will be facilitated via Discord, so you will be required to have a Discord log-in to access it.

During this course, Rebecca Thorne will explain the traditional publishing process, and how an author fits into it. By the course’s end, you will achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Students will expand their knowledge of the querying process, obtaining a literary agent, and selling a novel to traditional publishers.
  2. Students will be tasked with developing a query letter, synopsis, and one sentence pitch for their novel.
  3. Students will explore editing and critique methods to use with future critique partners and beta readers.
  4. Students will understand typical publishing timelines.
  5. Students will identify reputable agents to query.
  6. Students will form an educated decision about whether traditional publishing is the right path for them.

This course will contain 3 assignments (writing a query letter, writing a synopsis, and offering critique to a peer’s synopsis), online lectures about traditional publishing, facilitated discussions, recommended reading, and author-to-author networking opportunities.

Rebecca will offer personalized input into every student’s query letter, and will facilitate break-out groups where students will edit each other’s synopsis. In addition, a live Q&A session will occur at the course’s end to ensure students leave confident and prepared to query.

By purchasing this course, students acknowledge:

  • That there are no guarantees that you will obtain a literary agent or traditionally publish a novel after completing this course.
  • Refunds are on a case-by-case basis, and will not be required after the first week of class.
  • Personalized feedback on assignments will only be offered if the assignment is submitted on time.
  • A level of professionalism and engagement is expected from all students.
  • Rebecca is committed to ensuring her classrooms remain kind, inclusive spaces. If she perceives a student exhibiting hostile or derogatory behavior, especially in regards to race, disability, or gender/sexual identification, Rebecca reserves the right to remove that student from the class without a refund.
  • While this is a college-level curriculum, Rebecca is not affiliated with any college or university. There is no credit offered for this course.