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#PitchWars Does Not Define You!!

Okay. #PitchWars is over. Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief, huh?

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Now, some of you won, but most of you didn’t. Well, you didn’t win in the traditional sense. But if you participated in the hashtag at all, you already know you’re a winner, because you made lots of awesome new friends.


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Listen. Rejection SUCKS. I know it. You know it. I’m really, really sorry you weren’t chosen. But as you know, real writers face rejection every day, even after they find an agent.

What gets us through? Our friends. Those new people you met on #PitchWars… they’re probably feeling just as devastated as you. Reach out to them. Check out each other’s query letters and first pages. Offer feedback, inspiration, understanding.

You’ll get through this together. #PitchWars is not the end-all, be-all. It’s a big contest, and  yes, there’s a chance of a prize. But just a chance. It’s like going to a writers conference expecting to walk out with an agent. When I attended the YA panel at my last conference, ALL of those authors found their agents through the slush.

If you’re feeling upset or frustrated, now’s the time to find your community. Take a break from writing and socialize instead. Take a break from your beloved novel. Work on something new, something better. Find inspiration everywhere, and get back to the grind.

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You’ll get an agent! It’s just a question of when. 😉 Until then, have some wine and don’t lose hope.

And no matter what, know I’m here for you! If you want to vent or need help finding a community, please DM or email me!! I’d be happy to help you locate your very own #PitCrew. 😀

What are you working on now that #PitchWars is over? I’d love to know!

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