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Recovering from Twitter Pitch Contests


How many of you are on Twitter? (Hopefully ALL of you, because it’s an invaluable tool for querying writers!) How many of you participated in the two massive Twitter pitch contests that happened on Wednesday (#70pit17) and Thursday (#PitMad)?

Stressful, right?

You spend hours crafting the perfect pitch, scouring the contest rules so you don’t screw up, scheduling your tweets. And then the day comes, and your whole afternoon is shot. Did an agent see your tweet? Did they <3 it? How many RTs have you gotten? Is it enough to be competitive??




Twitter contests are amazing, but it’s so, so important to know that they don’t define your writing abilities. Nothing about a 35 word tweet conveys how amazing your novel is. It’s just an easy, fast way for agents to skim for key words they love in novels. It’s like #MSWL; they ask for certain types of stories, but then add a disclaimer that even if yours doesn’t mesh, you should still send it!

Because fact of the matter is, no agent knows what they’ll love until they see it in their inbox!

So no matter what happened yesterday, don’t be discouraged. Focus on the community that’s rallied around your single passion: writing! How amazing is it that hundreds of authors converged on social media for two days to attempt their hopes and dreams? I bet you made friends along the way. Reconnect with those people! Form critique groups. Find a beta reader.

And no matter what, KEEP QUERYING.

Because an agent can’t say “Yes!” if you don’t get your book out there for them to see! 🙂


And a friendly reminder, since you already have your pitches perfected, two more major events are coming this month!

June 21st = #NLAPitch

June 22nd = #SFFPit

Are you planning to participate in these (or other) Twitter pitch contests? How’d #PitMad go for you? Keep us updated; we love to cheer you on!!

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