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The Art of Fanfiction

Who here’s written fanfiction?
Ten bucks says the whole room just raised their hands.  And the few who didn’t are probably lying.  It is kind of embarrassing.  Like a weird niche where people create OCs (Original Characters) and thrust them into the worlds of Sailor Moon or Harry Potter.
But really, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  Because fanfiction is awesome, and between writing fanfiction and writing nothing at all… well, we know which author will be published in the end.
I’m a huge advocate of fanfiction.  Mainly, I’m a fan (haha.  Fan of FANfiction.  Get it?) of what it can do for your writing career.  If you’re brand new to the craft, there’s no better place to start crafting stories.
Think about it.  Fanfiction provides a world, characters, and maybe even an overarching plot.  The only thing you’re responsible for is writing a new story to fit within those confines.  And that’s easy; who here hasn’t found a beloved book (or movie, or TV show) and said, “Man, I’d love to see more of those characters.”
Well, here’s your chance.
I started writing Digimon fanfiction when I was about 12.  I quickly moved to Inuyasha, and then branched into multiple categories (or “fandoms”) from there.  But it was fantastic, because whenever I had no new ideas for my own writing, I’d still get practice writing fanfiction.
And wow, did that pay off.  Because even in the weeks, months, sometimes years that I wasn’t inspired to create a new world, I still got practice refining my words.  When it finally did come time to type an original novel, it usually wound up being pretty awesome.
I’m really going to put myself out there and link both (yes, both) of my fanfiction profiles.  They’re here and here.  I’d ask you not to judge me, but we both know that’d be a waste of breath!
And who knows?  Maybe you’ll write the next 50 Shades of Gray.

Although I seriously hope not.

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