The Day Death Stopped

Cover Art by Esther Bellefontaine

How do you define a villain?

Desperation is the most dangerous type of magic.

This shouldn’t be her problem.

Listen. Claire Bishop is Las Vegas’s greatest stage magician, and she’s perfectly happy with that fame. Ozarik is the next Zaro, the leader of the world’s witches, the modern-day Darcy everyone swoons over. Just because Claire shares a Zaro’s unfathomable magic doesn’t mean she shares the responsibility.

So, if Ozarik wants to make himself a villain by casting an ultra-dangerous spell to stop death on Earth “for her,” to “protect her,” that sounds like a him-problem. Claire has a show in four hours. Skipping it to save the world might give her manager a heart attack.

Ozarik may be her friend, but it sounds like a lot of work.

… Ugh. Fine.

“It’s honestly brilliant. [Rebecca’s] best YET.” – Meg’s Tea Room
“I get it now. This is so freaking good.” – Wren Jones
“I haven’t read it, but I’m sure it’s great.” – Rebecca’s mother

Genres: Alternate Universe, Contemporary Fantasy, Humorous

Content Warnings:
death (and lack thereof), mention of animal cruelty, blood, violence, child abuse, murder

Character Art:

Art by Seda