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Okay, folks! Sorry for my sabbatical, but life got busy. 😛 Let’s take a break from writing to talk about life, huh?

I’ve always been an optimist.  That’s no secret to anyone who knows me.  What they don’t know is that for the last 6 months, I’ve been slipping in and out of depression.  It ranged anywhere from feeling dissatisfied all the time to sobbing in the airplane lavatory while working.

Yeah.  Not good.

It really blindsided me.  My sister suffered depression back in college, and it was an astounding notion at the time.  Not being happy?  Not having a positive outlook on the wonders of life? Having trouble getting out of bed, or getting the mail, or walking the dog?  What do you mean??

I understand now.  It’s a dangerous slope, and boy, did I slide.  I was one trip away from leaving my job for good, the job that provides me with SO much writing time and the ability to travel and meet all kinds of people.  Yet I was convinced it was the root of my unhappiness.

WcaptureRONG.  The root of my unhappiness was my own mind.
I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason.  So when I happened upon ground time in Chicago Midway, and strolled into a familiar bookstore “just to look,” I shouldn’t be surprised that, exactly when I most needed it, I happened upon this book.

Or, as I’m calling it from now on, the Badass Book.

This thing is incredible.  Jen Sincero talks with you point-blank about your issues, including depression.  According to her genius mind, the positive person attracts positivity.  So, if you’re confident and faithful and grateful, good things will happen. sincero

There’s a reason this book has been on the NYT bestseller list 52 weeks in a row.  Let me repeat that.  For ONE YEAR, this book has sold in incredible numbers.  This isn’t a ploy or a marketing technique.  This is a woman who’s Figured.  Shit.  Out.  And she was kind enough to share her secrets with the rest of us.

I’ll summarize for those of you who haven’t read it.  (But seriously, RUN to the nearest bookstore and buy the Badass Book.)

  1. The Universe (or God, or whatever your Higher Power is) is benevolent and goodwilling, and will give you everything you ask for… as long as you prove you really want it.
  2. You’re the person stopping you from succeeding.
  3. Love yourself, and amazing thing will follow.

There’s so much more, but those are the basics.  I can’t express how badly I needed this book at the lowest point in my 25 years.  I finished it in two days, devouring it on the jumpseat in between drink service and final descent.  And then I bought a copy for a friend (probably not the last copy I buy for someone) and handed my copy off to my sister.  And after her, there’s a waiting list.

It sounds like New Age, hippy crap.  But anyone who tells you that will be in their rut forever, and you’ll be right there with them if you believe it.  If you ignore their cynicism, you can be kicking ass and taking names.  All you have to do is get over your pre-programed Ego of “well, that can’t happen.”

Here’s what’s happened for me in just three days.  I’ve been happier than I was since August 2016.  And my happiness has made things happen for me, because the Universe heard my pleas.  Since I finished this book, I:

  • looked myself in the mirror and wasn’t critical with what I saw.
  • flirted with a few boys, and was shocked when all of them (and I mean ALL of them) responded positively.
  • got rid of a work trip this weekend so I could hang out with a close friend on Saturday… even though NO ONE was picking up trips and the chances of this happening were slim to none.
  • checked the trips for Sunday and found a one-day trip with $100 cash (which means the other flight attendant pays me the $100 to take her trip, PLUS I get paid for the actual work I do, which in this case is about 6 hours of actual “work.”)  The FA paid me immediately, so I’m $100 richer.
  • realized that my debt–which was up to $8000 in November–is below $2000 now.  Once I (and a very close friend) announced our plans to be debt-free by March 2017, the Universe heard, and I’ve been falling into cash ever since.  (So has she; she’ll be debt-free in February!!)
  • looked upon irritating passengers with curious eyes, rather than irritated ones.  Everything I hate about them is a reflection of myself, according to Jen.  This was a fascinating experiment, and eerily true.
  • been incredibly grateful of my life experiences… simple things like getting a massage or finding an awesome parking spot are blowing my mind.

Guys.  If you care about yourselves at all, BUY HER BOOK.  I can’t stress this enough.  Your dreams are in reach, but YOU have to decide to take them by the balls.  What are you waiting for?


PS:  For any Universe entity listening, I WILL be a bestselling author someday.  And if you want to join me, there’s nothing in the world that can stop you. 😉


  • arkvander

    My wife found this book as well and it has helped both of us tremendously. I’m so glad your outlook has changed and you are embracing the positive side of life. From one optimist to another, congratulations 😀

  • getoutoftherecliner

    You have more positive energy than just about anyone else I know, so I guess it makes sense that once in a while you have to relight the pilot. I’m glad you found this book when you did! I’m still reading it. Your writeup reminds me of a couple of things from Neil Gaiman, one of my personal heroes:
    * Keep your eye on what you really want. At one point early in his career, he was offered a high paying job as an editor, and he realized that would take him in the opposite direction from his dreams. I think you are a master of knowing what you want and going for it – you almost derailed yourself a few months ago, but wow, you’re totally back on track now!
    * Make it like playing. I haven’t seen this actual statement in the Badass book yet, but I feel like it’s coming. How can it not? If you’re doing what you’re meant to do, it has to be fun.
    * Make good art. When things aren’t going well, your job is to make good art. Gaiman did a whole college graduation speech about this a few years ago. For as long as I’ve known you, I’ve never seen you stop making good art. Those irritating passengers are bound to show up in print one day :).

    And I’m glad you’re back to blogging!

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