Rebecca Thorne is an author of all things fantasy, sci-fi, and romantic. She thrives on deadlines, averages 2,700 words a day, and tries to write at least 3 books a year. (She also might be a little hyper-focused ADHD.)

After years operating in the traditional publishing space, Rebecca has pivoted into self-publishing. She released her first w|w cozy fantasy in September, titled CAN’T SPELL TREASON WITHOUT TEA. She is also obsessed with TikTok, and will happily spend all day scrolling through videos.

When she’s not writing or avoiding writing, Rebecca can be found traveling the country as a flight attendant, or doing her best impression of a granola-girl hermit with her two dogs.

In addition to writing, Rebecca teaches monthly publishing courses on Discord. Upon completion of her MFA in Spring 2023, she plans to pursue careers as a college professor. Rebecca is a technology-first educator, and firmly believes that all writers should have access to quality education about their publishing options.

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