The Day Death Stopped

Contemporary Fantasy

Desperation is the most dangerous type of magic.

Avatar: the Last Airbender meets Good Omens in this vivid, vicious novel about morality and magic.

Ozarik is the next Zaro, the leader of the world’s witches, the modern-day Darcy everyone swoons over. Just because Claire shares a Zaro’s unfathomable magic doesn’t mean she shares the responsibility.

So, if Ozarik wants to make himself a villain by casting an ultra-dangerous spell to stop death on Earth “for her,” to “protect her,” that sounds like a him-problem.

Claire has a show in four hours. Skipping it to save the world might give her manager a heart attack.

Ozarik may be her friend, but it sounds like a lot of work.

… Ugh. Fine.

Asexual Main Character

Magic on Earth

Epic Love Story

Snarky Footnotes

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Listening Length

12 hours and 15 minutes


Moira Quirk



Content Warnings

death (and lack thereof), mention of animal cruelty, blood, violence, child abuse, murder

What Readers Say

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Character Art

A beautiful portrayal of The Day Death Stopped’s main characters, Claire and Ozarik, drawn by the artist Seda.