Tomes & Tea

Cozy Fantasy Series

Join our favorite badass lesbians as they pursue a life of quiet luxuries in an exciting fantasy world.

Books 3 and 4 will be out in 2025!

Book 1

In the tradition of Legends & Lattes, comes a cozy fantasy steeped in sapphic romance about one of the Queen’s private guards and a powerful mage who want to open a bookshop and live happily ever after…if only the world would let them.

All Reyna and Kianthe want is to open a bookshop that serves tea.

Worn wooden floors, plants on every table, firelight drifting between the rafters… all complemented by love and good company. Thing is, Reyna works as one of the Queen’s private guards, and Kianthe is the most powerful mage in existence. Leaving their lives isn’t so easy.

But after an assassin takes Reyna hostage, she decides she’s thoroughly done risking her life for a self-centered queen. Meanwhile, Kianthe has been waiting for a chance to flee responsibility–all the better that her girlfriend is on board.

Together, they settle in Tawney, a town nestled in the icy tundra near dragon country, and open the shop of their dreams.

What follows is a cozy tale of mishaps, mysteries, and a murderous queen throwing the realm’s biggest temper tantrum. In a story brimming with hurt/comfort and quiet fireside conversations, these two women will discover just what they mean to each other… and the world.

Sapphic Romance

Swords and Magic

Found Family


Content Warnings

violence, injury, swearing, near-death experiences

All of Rebecca's cozy fantasies are guaranteed to have a happy ending!

What Readers Say

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Book 2

Bookshops & Bonedust meets Our Flag Means Death in this cozy fantasy on the low seas, where a pirate and a constable find out if enemies actually can become lovers!

Pirates on a river? It simply isn't done.

Kianthe and Reyna are on the hunt for dragon eggs to save their hometown—but it requires making a deal with Diarn Arlon, lord of the legendary Nacean River. Simply capture the river pirate Serina, who’s been plaguing Arlon’s supply chains, and bring her in for justice. Easy peasy.

Begrudgingly, the couple joins forces with Bobbie, one of Arlon’s constables determined to capture the pirate.

Except Bobbie and Serina have a more complicated history than anyone realized, and it might jeopardize everything.

While Kianthe and Reyna watch this relation-shipwreck from afar, it quickly becomes apparent that these disaster lesbians need all the help they can get. Luckily, matchmaking is Reyna’s favorite pastime.

The dragon eggs may have to wait.

Sapphic Romance (x2)

Enemies to Lovers

Second Chances

Baby Griffon

Content Warnings

violence, oppression, near-death experiences, blood, drowning, brief animal injury

NOTE: The re-release of Pirates has a VERY spicy oneshot at the end of the book. (ie: explicit sex) The short story has no impact on the plot at large, and can be easily skipped. Keep it in mind if sharing this adult novel with any young ones.

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Character Art

Beautiful portrayals of Tea & Tomes’  leading ladies by the talented artists Amanda MacFarlane, Anna, Julia Kartcheva, and Mangaurania.

FAQ – Tomes & Tea Re-Release

Unfortunately, the paperbacks have been pulled from distribution to prepare for a big bonanza re-release!

The first book, Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea, is available for preorder NOW, and will be released again on MAY 7, 2024.  The UK version is also available for preorder, releasing MAY 9, 2024. The book has also been sold in Germany, Ukraine, and Brazil.

A Pirate’s Life for Tea is available for preorder in the US, with a release date of OCTOBER 1, 2024. The UK version is inbound; stand by for updates.

Please consider preordering if you prefer paper copies! All preorders help tell my publisher that I’m an author worth watching–which means I might get new books sold to them in the future!

Not at this time! With Advanced Reader Copies circulating, the only way to get a paperback of this series is by applying with Macmillan, or pitching as a bookseller or librarian.

The indie copies are officially out of print. From now on, Macmillan will be handling distribution. Come May 2024, you should be able to find paperbacks in every major bookstore, and most indie ones as well!

You can always check on Ebay for used indie copies. If you find a Copy copy, hold onto that sucker. They’re really rare. LOL.

In the USA and Germany, the cover images are staying the same. The typography, however, has been adjusted for both covers. The US paperbacks will have gorgeous sprayed edges and tons of new content, which is very exciting!

UK audiences respond better to graphic covers, not illustrated ones, so the UK covers are completely new! (And gorgeous, if I do say so myself.)

Both territories will release their books the same week, May 7th, 2024 (US) and May 9th, 2024 (UK), in a coordinated launch!

Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea‘s audiobook is already circulating on review sites, and will be released at the same time as the paperback: May 7th, 2024.

And guys. It’s AMAZING.

Jessica Threet is the narrator, and she’ll be handling all four books! When I auditioned narrators, I was amazed at Jessica’s ability to infuse wit and personality into the narration. She didn’t disappoint; this audiobook is acting at its finest!

Correct! Kianthe and Reyna’s story will be a QUARTET, which means 4 books total. Luckily, Tor bought all four, which means plenty of new releases for you lovely readers!

(I’m obsessed with Tamora Pierce’s quartets. So excited I get to contribute my own to the world!)

Since I self-published the first two novels in 2022 and early 2023, we can expect those first, in a formal re-release. Book 3 has been named TEA YOU AT THE ALTAR, and it is scheduled for a March 2025 release. Keep an eye out for preorders!

Book 4 is complete, but unnamed. Stay tuned for information on that. I anticipate a Fall 2025 launch for the final book in the quartet.

And yes, I have designed book 4 to lead into a new cast + same world for future quartets. So, if you missed the continuity of the Tortall quartets, keep an eye on my cozies. 😉

I’m not allowed to give too many details, but I can confirm that book 3, Tea You at the Altar, will focus on a wedding and a coup. You’ve already met a couple new characters if you’ve read the epilogue of A Pirate’s Life for Tea. 😉

Book 4 is fully written and in the hands of my publisher, awaiting edits. It’ll wrap up the series beautifully and answer any lingering plot questions you have, guaranteed. Keywords for this book are “alchemy” and “tourists.” Stay tuned for a title release!