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STATUS (05/18): on submission

WORD COUNT: 104,000

GENRE: YA Fantasy

At thirteen years old, Kyra Mavros “lost her foot,” which is a polite way of saying that a dragon ripped it off and swallowed it whole. Desperate to regain her mobility, she attempts to join the Huntresses–warriors equipped with solar-powered wings and a taste for dragon blood. But not everyone believes an amputee can fight… to triumph, Kyra must overcome insidious bullies, vengeful dragons, and doubts of her own self-worth.




STATUS (05/18): editing

WORD COUNT: 64,500


Don’t die.

Sounds easy, right? But when seventeen-year-old Blake Bishop is diagnosed with the deadly Berros virus, her future becomes a lot less certain. As the sole possessor of an ultra-rare bionetic computer, Blake was hand-picked to be heir of the Redwood Empire. But that computer was expensive, and the Empire’s current Paragon, Kiera Morales, isn’t going to let the tech die with Blake.

Faced with a horrific “repossession” surgery, Blake flees towards her only hope: the Eye of the Storm, a legendary—and possibly fake—artifact rumored to have healing abilities. Armed with a stolen starship and its irate, equally-stolen crew, Blake embarks on a galaxy-wide treasure hunt. But with Kiera Morales hot on their trail, she’ll have to use every trick in her arsenal to stay alive.

So just… don’t die.

No pressure.