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Finally, Rebecca offers consulting for authors and businesses!

Authors of any experience level sometimes need a bit of help or guidance. Rebecca can assist with things like: query or first pages critiques, exploring publishing paths, analyzing marketability of a book idea, etc.

Rebecca also helps companies or businesses that provide services to authors. As a long-standing member of the publishing and writing communities, Rebecca is happy to assess a business idea for viability, or discuss collaboration options.

If you’d like to book Rebecca for a 45 minute consult call, please read her ethical code below.

If you’re an author, please check out Rebecca’s FAQs before reaching out. She may have already answered your question!

Rebecca's Ethical Code

Rebecca is committed to ethical consulting.

By booking Rebecca, you agree that you have read and understand the following:

Rule 1: Rebecca cannot guarantee your success.

Success looks different for everyone, and publishing is largely a luck-based industry. Rebecca is not all-knowing, and she is not magic. She cannot make any guarantees about what you, your books, or your business may accomplish.

Rule 2: Rebecca will not make false promises.

Rebecca is knowledgeable about self-publishing and traditional publishing, and writing as a whole. However, there are dozens of paths to publication, and no singular person can have experience with all of them. Rebecca will freely admit when she doesn't know something.

Rule 3: Rebecca will not connect you with an influencer, literary agent, or publisher.

Consulting with Rebecca is meant as guidance, nothing more. While networking is a large portion of this industry, connections must be made using your own strengths. Rebecca will not accept payment for any form of networking.

Rule 4: Rebecca only charges for one session at a time.

Rebecca has no plans to offer coaching "packages," which are often expensive and lock someone in longer than needed. Instead, she offers individual 45 minute sessions, which are best utilized when you have a specific question in mind.

Rule 5: Rebecca will never discriminate.

Every writer at every stage in the publishing or writing process is welcome. Any and all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, disability status, and sexual orientation are welcome. Rebecca will not work with any business that demonstrates discrimination.

Consulting Pricing

with Rebecca Thorne



One 45-minute video session



One 45-minute video session

Sound good?

Please email Rebecca to get in touch! If Rebecca thinks she can help, she’ll send payment information and discuss booking options. If she can’t help, she’ll do her best to redirect you to someone better suited!

In your email, please include the following information:
~ Your name
~ Your email
~ If you’re an author or a business
~ What you’d like Rebecca’s help with