An image of Rebecca Thorne laying on the floor, holding a copy of Can't Spell Treason Without Tea

Rebecca Thorne

Rebecca Thorne is an author of all things fantasy, sci-fi, and romantic. She is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, hails from sunny Arizona, and uses her ADHD as a superpower to write multiple books a year.

When she’s not writing (or avoiding writing), Rebecca can be found traveling the country as a flight attendant, hiking with her dogs, or basking in the sun like a lizard.

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Rebecca Thorne has a fierce passion for educating new writers about writing and publishing, and new developments in the industry.

Rebecca’s teaching philosophy centers around practical analysis of the publishing industry today, and identifying realistic ways for students to earn an income off their writing. She believes fiercely in the power of genre fiction to further this goal, and utilizes her experience in both traditional publishing and self-publishing to educate students on their publishing options.

Rebecca is also passionate about bringing technology into education, especially as a method of connecting with new generations. Rebecca has extensive experience with author marketing on social media platforms, hosting coursework on Discord, and examining AI as a potential resource for authors.

Graduate Coursework

Northern Arizona University

Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies

Master of
Fine Arts

Emerson College

Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing


UCLA Extension

Literary Contracts, Rights, and Signing Authors

Rebecca is always interested in education employment opportunities.

If you represent a college or writing conference, don’t hesitate to reach out!