Rebecca Thorne is dedicated to furthering education about the publishing industry and the craft of writing. She possess an MFA in Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing from Emerson College, where she was chosen to be the commencement speaker for the School of the Arts. She has also completed graduate level coursework in Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies at Northern Arizona University.

In addition to education, Rebecca has explored both traditional and self-publishing first-hand. She has worked with two literary agents over her decade-long career. Her independently published cozy fantasy series marked her as a bestseller, with over 16,000 copies sold in just 8 months, and was recently sold to a major publisher.

Rebecca’s passion is determining the best path to help students make viable income off their writing. To this end, she rebukes the persistent idea that literary fiction is an academic writer’s end-goal, and instead focuses her attention on the financial and emotional benefits of genre fiction.

Rebecca is also interested in bringing technology into education, especially as a method of connecting with new generations. To this end, she uses social media platforms like TikTok and Discord as an extension of her classroom, which allows engagement outside of restrictive LMSs like Canvas or Blackboard.

Rebecca is always interested in guest lecturer or writer in residence opportunities. If you represent a college or writing conference, don’t hesitate to reach out!

If you are interested in knowing more about Rebecca Thorne as an educator, please email with your inquiry!