NaNoWriMo Discord Bonanza

NaNoWriMo Discord Bonanza

COST: $20

LENGTH: 1 month (November 1 – 30)

COURSE TYPE: Online, asynchronous, hosted on Discord

A special event, hosted by Rebecca Thorne on a Discord server designed for writers attempting National Novel Writing Month. By joining this course, you will be admitted into this exclusive server, which will offer a carefully facilitated social space to befriend other authors.

Rebecca Thorne will also be offering links to her lectures for both other courses: Let’s Get Traditionally Published, and Craft an Ironclad Novel. Although there will be no assignments or facilitated discussions, access to these lectures (which equates to roughly 10 hours of instruction) will allow authors to explore options for their NaNo novels–and offer excellent motivation to finish their books.

Successful writers know the value of community. This Bonanza is for anyone interested in finding theirs, while attempting an event designed to fast-track the novel writing process!

This class is best suited for any writer attempting NaNoWriMo, who also longs for a social space to befriend other authors and discuss publication goals.

Registration is CLOSED.

Disclaimer: Rebecca is not affiliated with NaNoWriMo. By purchasing this course, you acknowledge that Rebecca cannot make you finish your novel, nor guarantee publication later on. Engagement in this social server is determined by you, and you alone.

Due to the special circumstances of this event, there will be no refunds offered for this course. Rebecca will provide an invite link 3 days before November, and it is your responsibility to join this Discord server.